About Us

Welcome to HerBizNet!!

A place for women entreprenuers to empower other women entreprenuers.

Our Mission

HerBizNet's mission is to bring women entreprenuers together so they empower each other and grow together.

Who we are?

Herbiznet.com is an intelletual property of Herbiznet LLC. Herbiznet LLC is founded by Gautami Joglekar based on the experience of collaborating with local women entrepreneurs. She successfully executed few such collaborations and now expanding this opportunity with other like minded women entrepreneurs near and far. It is proven that the collaboration helps women entreprenuers to empower each other by leveraging their existing networks to expand into untapped networks. Past collaborations had offered holiday gift bundles where there were gifts for everyone in the family. This is the core concept of HerBizNet.

Gautami's other successful startup FabArtG LLC is founded with the mission to help the community and first responders during the 2019/2020 pandemic. With this mission in mind, FabArtG expanded its product offerings to practical fabric items for every household. You can visit this venture @ www.FabArtG.com.

What we do?

HerBizNet is a business promotion digital platform where local women entreprenuers come together, offer their product listings, share and build upon each other's experiences & networks, donate a percentage of their earnings towards social responsibility and grow together. This platform also has referral program for "not for profit" organizations through which they will be able to get donations towards their charitable goals.

“If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” — Ava DuVernay